Established since 2015, i22 works is a dynamic digital marketing and creative agency providing an array of services to a vast client base all across South Africa.

As an ever-evolving and progressive thinking company, we understand the needs of companies of all sizes including start-ups and home-based businesses offering innovative, cutting-edge ideas to all clients regardless of the type of business. From baking to banking, plastics to pharmaceuticals and restaurants to fabrics, we represent a wide and diverse range of brands, catering to each specific brand identity and requirements. We endeavour to tailor our packages to each clients’ individual requests, preferences and budgets. At i22 works, we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all package.

With a growing yet efficient team of designers, photographers, strategists, developers, social media marketing specialists and digital technicians, amongst other growth-hacking experts, we meet all your marketing related needs, from social media, websites and printed media to outdoor advertising and publishing.

We endeavour to deliver an assurance of quality, results and innovative avant-garde digital services to your brand in keeping with our mission and value statements of service excellence, cutting-edge innovation and revolutionary digital brand redefinition.

Our promise of excellence is based on constant communication and collaboration, with an emphasis on teamwork, reliability, productivity, co-operation, punctuality, quality and above all else- client satisfaction. A client-centric view ensures successful and meaningful relationships with our vast client base, including both large-scale enterprises and established businesses as well as start-up companies and independent entrepreneurs, giving the same individualised attention and promise of precision to all clients, regardless of size and speciality. While i22 works is Johannesburg-based, our services are not confined to the Gauteng province. We offer our extensive services to clients all across South Africa. Choose i22 works to bring your brand to the epitome of redefined digital transformation and see just how expertly i22 works.

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